About Us

Learn more about
Mista Barista’s
Pop-up coffee service

Mista Barista is a family owned business currently

operating in the Western Cape. We offer you a mobile

coffee experience operating out of our fully equipped red

tuk tuk or from our portable coffee stand for indoor

events where the tuk tuk cannot get to.

Our goal is to make great espresso based drinks and

non espresso based drinks, both affordable and

accessible at all your events. We will come to you,

That’s what we do!

Nazeema Abrahams, a retired Oil Industry Health, Environment and Safety Manager, with years of experience in product quality assurance decided to pursue her passion to have superior coffee readily available at local events. With her chemistry background coupled with her love for superior coffee and her entrepreneurial business spirit: the Mista Barista brand was pursued.
“My career took me to different parts of the world, and I learned to distinguish between coffee made with superior beans and those that was “just another cup of espresso based coffee”.
It is only after I did the Barista Training at Origin Barista Academy, that I learnt that every coffee bean is in fact not just another coffee bean. The grade of the bean, the way it is roasted, how it is sourced, all play a significant role in making that perfect cup of coffee.
We will always display the beans we are using, whether it is single origin or a blend. The source, roasting date are all important factors in that perfect cup of coffee.” Nazeema Abrahams